We are photo, design and publishing studio established by EZWH in 2012. We focus on visual, branding, design and copywrite throughout the field of culture and arts. We are publishes AVEC Magazine to create stories under one specific topic, and produces various other publications. 



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Coffee Time

매일 아침과 저녁에 갖는 커피 타임의 모습을
그림으로 그렸습니다.

This is an illustration of coffee time every morning and evening.

<Coffee Time>
Illust : WH
Motion Design : EZ
Year : 2021

● Illustration, Motion Design

Rest for the Eyes

책을 읽다가 눈이 뻑뻑해지면
잠시 눈을 꺼내 쉬게 해주고싶은
엉뚱한 상상을 하게 됩니다.
상상 속에 있던 장면을 담은 포스터 입니다. 

It is an illustration expressing the time when the eyes are resting while reading a book.

<Rest for the Eyes>
Illust : WH
Poster Potography : EZ
Year : 2021

● Illustration, Photography

Walking Through

Book Design & curaition for postcard book of mindongIN’s <Walking Through>.

Size : 110mm x 165mm
Page : 46p

Client : mindongIN
Photographs : mindongIN
Book Design & Production Management : EZ & WH
Year : 2021

● Book Design, Production

Late Night

늦은 밤 고양이가 테이블 위에 화분인 척 앉아 함께 살던 강아지의 사진을 바라보는 모습을 그림으로 담았습니다. 

This illustration shows a late night cat sitting at a table pretending to be a plant and looking at a frame. 

<Late Night>
Illust : WH & EZ
Poster Potography : EZ
Year : 2021

● Illustration, Photography