We are photo, design and publishing studio established by EZWH in 2012. We focus on visual, branding, design and copywrite throughout the field of culture and arts. We are publishes AVEC Magazine to create stories under one specific topic, and produces various other publications. 



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Coffee Table

좋아하는 찻잔과 화병이 놓여 있는 커피 테이블의 모습을 비현실적인 이미지로 만들었습니다. 

This illustration is an unrealistic image of a coffee table with a favorite mug and vase on it. 

<Coffee Table>
Illust : WH
Poster Potography : EZ
Year : 2021

● Illustration, Photography

Special Poster for Cabinet Club

아트편집샵 캐비넷클럽에서 진행한 포스터 판매 행사에 두 가지 종류의 포스터로 참여했습니다. 식물과 함께 하는 삶의 기쁨을 일러스트와 사진으로 표현한 포스터 입니다.

We participated in the poster event held at the Art Shop Cabinet Club with two kinds of posters. It is a poster that shows the joy of plant life.

<Let’s make an indoor jungle>
Illust : WH
Design : EZ & WH
Motion Design : EZ
Year : 2021

<Pink Vase and Four Flowers>
Photography : EZ
Design : EZ & WH
Year : 2021

● Illustration, Photography, Design

Postcard #02

AVEC STUDIO의 포토그래퍼 EZ의 사진으로
제작한 엽서 시리즈입니다.

Postcard Series by photographer EZ

Size : 100mm x 148mm

Design : EZ
Photography : EZ
Year : 2019

● Photography, Design

Objet Poster

몇 년 간 모았던 유리오브제를 그린 오브제 포스터입니다.
형형색색 밝은 기운을 모아 전하고 싶은 마음을 담았습니다.

This is a poster depicting glass objects that we have collected over the years. We made posters and 2021 calendar to deliver various bright energy.

Illust : WH
Design : EZ & WH
Year : 2020

● Illustration, Design