We are photo, design and publishing studio established by EZWH in 2012. We focus on visual, branding, design and copywrite throughout the field of culture and arts. We are publishes AVEC Magazine to create stories under one specific topic, and produces various other publications. 



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<ça va?> Poster

<AVEC 07 Mon Ami>의 발간을 기념하는
포스터와 엽서, 메모지를 디자인했습니다.
포스터의 주인공인 빨코는 AVEC STUDIO의 일원입니다.
우리에게 “잘 지내냐"고 묻는 장면입니다.

Design for a special poster, postcard and memo pad to celebrate the publication of <AVEC 07 Mon Ami>. The main character of the poster is the ‘red nose’. She is a puppy that lives with a member of AVEC STUDIO. She asked; “ça va?”

Poster Size : 297mm x 420mm
Postcard Size : 148mm x 210mm
Memo pad Size : 100mm x 90mm
Drawing : EZ
Design : EZ & WH 
Year : 2018

● Drawing, Design